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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty darn straighforward. We do not track your movements with cookies and we do not gather any information about you surreptitiously. That means, we do not sneak around trying to invade your privacy at all.

So what information do we ever get to know about you? Well the answer to that question is, only the info you decide to tell us on our contact us form.

The information we gather on that is pretty obvious, we ask for your name and we ask for your email address because if we do not we can not reply to your query!

We never give or sell your email address to anyone else. We may keep a note of it our end, but it will not find its way into the hands of some undesirable spammer. We safeguard against that. Your information is strictly private and confidential.

As for cookies, and not the kind that make you fat and leave crumbs all over the place, we do not use them to track your activity on our site. But we may eat some of the cookies that make us fat, but it wont affect the way you browse this website.

All we really want to do is recommend a great sportsbook to you. And we hope once you find that great place to place your online wagers, you make some money there too. That is our sole role in life, pure and simple.

We just hope you find this website useful so we have no desire or need to track what you do on our website. If we could track your enjoyment of our website we might do that, but it isn't possible!

Given we do nothing much in relation to your privacy, why do we even have a privacy policy? Well it is sort of an expected page of smallprint on every good website. As we are a good website, we have written one, just to conform really. But we agree with you, ultimately it is a pretty pointless waste of time and effort.

Where our Privacy Policy does not conform is that we have used plain English. Have your read many others? I advise you do not. They are pure gibberish. Even scholars in ancient Greek can not make head or tail of them. Just enjoy our website and enjoy your privacy!

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